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First of all, thank you for coming to this part of the World Wide Web. You’re probably wondering how you even got here.  It might have to do with an internet search, or you might know someone that works here, or it may be that you didn’t mean to get here at all. In any of those cases, thank you for taking the time to read our blog. This inaugural post is simply to get you familiar with what we do here at Lumis Solutions and our vision for this blog…

If you were over at our main website, you’ve probably know a little bit more about us. If you haven’t done so, check it out and see how we go through a technology solution engagement, some of our work, and see what Lumis Solutions means to us.

We’re in the business of making your job easier by developing efficient, intuitive, and engaging web applications.  What does that mean? Well, we like to develop software or applications that can enhance the way your business does work. We also make our own software products in hopes to make someone’s job easier by freeing them up to do more of what’s important to them.

We want to use this blog as a board to share our insights (along with others) on how technology can be used to enhance your business, department, and/or yourself.  Stay tuned, come back, and learn something new.



Anthony has helped design and develop custom learning solutions for several top national and global organizations in the office furniture and food industries, among others. Anthony brings a holistic approach to any technology solution thrown at him. Be it a solution that needs a technology piece or not, he always strives to push the envelope to deliver a solution that exceeds customer expectations. Anthony loves coaching soccer, DIY projects, and thinking of new software products.

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